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NFL Network, Comcast slapfight could see channel yanked May 1


This Hatfield & McCoy-like dispute has been going on for years now and it might be ready to come to a head. In case you haven't seen the ads, the NFL Network could leave Comcast altogether May 1. As always, the NFL wants to be on the basic tier in every subscriber's house alongside ESPN and, less popular, Comcast owned channels, and Comcast wants to keep it on the sports tier, where only those willing to shell out extra will see what it claims is the 4th most expensive channel it has. We like the NFL, but we also hate higher basic cable bills for stuff not everyone wants to watch. Of course, an 11th hour reprieve is always possible -- see Viacom, Big Ten Network and more, but next month Comcast subs may have to choose which large, greedy corporation they love more.

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