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Developers reportedly briefed on PSP rental service at GDC


Well, if today's batch of rumors are true, it looks like the PSP could be in for quite a few changes beyond the seemingly inevitable hardware revision. As Develop is now reporting, in addition to those rumored music downloads, the PSP could soon also be getting a full-fledged game rental service, which would, of course, be one more means of making a UMD-less PSP a more appealing device (for game developers and consumers alike). Apparently, the service was first pitched to developers at GDC back in March, and was again mentioned in a consumer survey that just surfaced yesterday. What's more, while complete details are expectedly a bit light, the service would apparently charge PSP owners a monthly fee that would allow them to download "a fixed number of games" during their subscription period, although it's not clear if you'd also be able to simply rent 'em one at a time.

[Via Joystiq]

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