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BlackBerry Onyx, desperate for attention, sells self on eBay

Tim Stevens

Still waiting for BlackBerry's Onyx to hit the retail thoroughfares? You're not alone. Despite this thing being spotted on the town months ago it's still not available through proper channels -- but then there's always eBay, where a "pre-release" Onyx is now available for you bidding pleasure. The AT&T-bound smartphone sports a 3.2 megapixel camera, 480 x 360 display, GPS and WiFi, and a slinkier form factor. Bidding has just crossed the $600 mark on this "new, never opened" phone, but as it has in fact been opened (clearly shown in the auction's terrible pictures) you might want to set that sniping ceiling just a little lower than your heart may call for.

[Thanks, Kenny]

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