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3G / WiFi-equipped BeBook 2 launching tomorrow?

Darren Murph

Man, are people into reading, or what? Hot on the heels of the BeBook Mini launch in the US and news that Barnes & Noble could be introducing an e-reader of its own as early as next week, Endless Ideas is now rumored to have its BeBook 2 on deck for an October 14th release. And considering that it has a booth at the Frankfurt Book Fair this week, we'd say there's at least a decent chance that the rumors are true. If you'll recall, we snagged the first look at the company's first-ever 3G / WiFi-equipped e-book reader back at CeBIT in March (pictured above), and considering that there can really never be enough competition in the space, we'll take the promised touchscreen and free RSS support any way we can get it. We'll be cautiously watching the action tomorrow for a full reveal, and we'd recommend you do as well -- besides, it's not like that International Kindle is shipping before next week anyway.

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