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ASUS to dizzy eyes with G51J3D and G72GX 3D laptops

Darren Murph

Well, lookie here. ASUS has just jumped in on the 3D bandwagon. Just a few weeks after the 5738DG was unveiled, two more 3D laptops are now said to be on tap. Yeah -- as if the planet really needs another duo of laptops that require glasses to fully enjoy. All misplaced bitterness aside, the 15.6-inch G51J3D and 17.3-inch G72GX both tout a fairly respectable NVIDIA GPU (the 1GB GeForce GTX 160M was specifically mentioned in the former), and while the tester was indeed stuck looking like the dude above (exactly like that dude, in fact), he felt that the 3D playback was nothing short of incredible. Both machines will also be equipped with a Core i7 processor, oodles of HDD space and the ability to show off 3D content to up to 15 people who circle around it. We're told that the G51J3D will ship out next month, while the G72GX won't land until Q2 2010 (at least in the UK).

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