Immerz KOR-fx 'acousto-haptic' gaming tech gets a ship date

The kids at Immerz want you to know that KOR-fx, the "acousto-haptic technology" that you never knew you wanted, is set to make its all star debut at CES this week. Compatible with any machine that sports audio, the device is essentially a set of speakers that deliver "nearly imperceptible vibrations" to areas of the chest -- activating various neural pathways and creating "a more immersive entertainment experience" somewhat akin to "an uncanny '7th Sense' awareness," reinventing "all forms of multi-media entertainment" in the process. Never mind 3D, your gaming experience just got exceptionally creepy! This bad boy has been available for pre-order for a while now at the princely sum of $190, so if you already made the leap you can expect delivery sometime in May. PR after the break, yo.

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JANUARY 6, 2010 (Las Vegas, NV) – Immerz, Inc. has announced that its revolutionary KOR-fx™ technology, which will make its debut at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week (January 7-10th) in Las Vegas, is now available for pre-orders at KOR-fx, a new form of acousto-haptic technology being introduced in a device by the same name, will revolutionize the way consumers experience multi-media when it is introduced later this year. Ahead of CES, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) hand-picked Immerz as one of only eleven i-stage finalists in an annual competition that awards companies developing the most innovative new consumer technology products coming to market.

Using the human anatomy itself to create a powerful sense of immersion, KOR-fx enhances video game play, movie watching and music listening, through an entirely new form of acousto-haptic technology. By delivering nearly imperceptible vibrations to select areas of the chest, KOR-fx activates neural pathways that subconsciously monitor the vibrations of the chest cavity that naturally occur when speaking, laughing or crying.

The KOR-fx product is platform-independent and works with any device that has an audio output. Gamers, in particular, benefit from KOR-fx because of its unique ability to provide directional feedback, creating an uncanny "7th Sense" awareness of where the next danger is coming from, which can mean the difference between victory and defeat in a competitive virtual environment. By creating a more immersive entertainment experience, KOR-fx totally reinvents the way consumers can enjoy all forms of multi-media entertainment.

KOR-fx will launch in May, 2010. Consumers can secure their unit now, by pre-ordering the product at an introductory price of $189.99 at A video showing KOR-fx in action can be found at

Shahriar S. Afshar, an internationally-recognized physicist turned entrepreneur who developed KOR-fx and now serves as the Company's president and CEO, will be available for interviews throughout CES. Immerz will be located at the prestigious CES i-Stage "TechZone" pavilion in the Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall, Booth #2235 (Pods K&N).