Court case shocker: Judge rules in favor of Rambus, not NVIDIA... sort of

Rambus, a company that has been in a long, drawn out legal battle with NVIDIA over five patents for what seems like ages now, had some good news delivered to it late last week. A judge at the U.S. International Trade Commission issued a preliminary determination finding that NVIDIA had indeed violated three of the five patents -- ruling that the other two had not been violated. Now, NVIDIA says that the whole patent mystery continues to be a subject ripe for reexamination by the Patent and Trademark Office -- which has consistently found the claims of infringement to be invalid. NVIDIA says it will take the claims to a full commission for a final decision. You'll probably remember that these five patent infringement claims were part of a much larger suit that Rambus filed against NVIDIA -- some of which were dropped earlier this month. Will it never end?