Timex readying GPS-equipped Ironman Global Trainer wristwatch

It's been a white hot minute since we've seen a snazzy new timepiece from the labs at Timex, but it seems that the outfit will finally be dishing out a new GPS-laden watch a year after introducing the Expedition WS4. Set to debut next month, the Ironman Global Trainer with GPS is easily one of the slimmest, most not-ugly GPS watches we've ever seen. At a glance, you'd never know that such features as real-time speed, pace and distance data were included courtesy of the SiRFstarIII module tucked within, and you'll also get 50 meters of water resistance, a customizable display to showcase four metrics at once and the ability to push performance reports out to your PC. The device will be compatible with Timex heart rate and bike sensors, not to mention any third-party power meters utilizing ANT+ wireless technology. Unfortunately, next month's reveal will only let you know that it'll ship this May to REI stores here in the States, while the rest of the world will have to wait until September to strap one on.