Nanopool's spray-on liquid glass could keep bacteria, water off of pretty much anything

You know, we're beginning to wonder exactly what's genuine anymore. Our foods are being built in laboratories, our glass panes are being unwillingly converted to touch panels, and now, exposed objects don't even have to get grimy over the course of time. It's a travesty, we say. All disappointing rants aside, we have to confess that we're actually enthused about a newly developed spray-on silicon dioxide solution that promises to protect just about any surface from water, bacteria, dirt and UV radiation. The so-called "liquid glass" is said to be completely harmless to the environment, and creator Nanopool hopes that it can be used eventually on car coatings, clothing and even the nose cones of high-speed trains. Here's hoping it comes in a spray can -- our decade-old keyboard and mouse could probably use a coat of this.

[Thanks, Pierre]