Nook firmware 1.2 ready for download now (Update: video!)

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|02.05.10

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Nook firmware 1.2 ready for download now (Update: video!)
Keeping up a fine tradition, Barnes & Noble has today let slip an internal memo that discusses a forthcoming version 1.2 firmware update for the Nook. There's not much in the way of info on fresh new features or optimizations, but we do know that B&N retail locations will be getting the update "this week" alongside new units shipping with v1.2 preloaded onto them. We're also told that the update would be an effortless side-loading affair via USB, but the bit about "prior to the software being released to customers" suggests that perhaps we won't all be riding the latest software by this weekend. Let's just be patient and do what we usually do: fantasize about what the future may hold.

Update: Turns out B&N will be rolling out an OTA update to customers in a few days, but the manual download is all ready for collection from right here. You'll find the full list of changes after the break

Update 2: Now with video, after the break.

[Thanks, Doug].

Nook firmware version 1.2 change list:
  • Enhanced in-store seamless connectivity to enjoy free Wi-Fi, with our More In Store content and promotions exclusively for nook owners.
  • Improved opening of eBooks and periodicals
  • Improved response to Reading Now & Settings buttons
  • Current reading page and bookmarks on all eBooks is properly saved when your nook is powered off
  • Bookmarks display page number
  • Eligible LendMe™ eBooks in My Library include a LendMe™ flag
  • Easier navigation of daily subscription with issues rolled into one folder
  • Improved "back" button functionality for navigating eBooks and periodicals
  • Personal files downloaded onto nook and displayed in My Documents can be sorted by author & title
  • Overall system improvements and battery optimization
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