SanDisk ships 60GB / 120GB G3 SSD to North America and Europe

Lookin' to get your flash on, are you? Fret not, as SanDisk has just announced that its 60GB and 120GB G3 solid state drives are headed out to retailers as we speak. Both North America and Europe are getting served simultaneously, with the drives promising sequential performance of up to 220MB/sec on the read side and up to 120MB/sec on the write side. You'll also be thrilled to know that the G3 range supports the newest Windows 7 TRIM feature, which enables the drive to "continuously manage its resources and retain optimized performance throughout its lifespan." Those anxious to supplant their existing 2.5-inch HDD can snag one now from the web for $229.99 (60GB) / $399.99 (120GB), while those who prefer ye old B&M sales will have to wait a few weeks still.