EA expands Salt Lake studio, announces 'groundbreaking' new project

EA's got something cooking in Utah, as a recent press release states EA Salt Lake is getting some plush new office space downtown, as it gears up to undertake a "groundbreaking" new project and looks to hire people for "several critical leadership positions." EA Redwood Shores is also apparently getting in the mix, as executive producer Ben Bell told IndustryGamers his studio will enlist the aid of some of the best and brightest from over yonder.

Everyone is pretty mum on the subject of exactly what the project is right now, but, following EA's massive layoffs affecting 1,500 of its employees, Bell bills this expansion of talent to only "a few key positions right now." The new project will lean heavily on EA Salt Lake and EA Redwood Shores for most of the necessary personnel.

EA Salt Lake is perhaps best known for producing The Sims line of games. Maxis obviously created the franchise, but since the release of Spore, has been focusing primarily on that series. EA Salt Lake also handles the EA Play line of games, and has contributed Nerf N-Strike and Littlest Pet Shop. Now, we wouldn't want to speculate on what this new project is, but if you look at the studio's track record since officially becoming EA Salt Lake, one can't help but assume it'll be something on the PC or a Nintendo platform. That, or it's a golf game.