Chrysler says all-electric Fiat 500 will carry Americans, American Touristers in 2012

Curvy, sumptuous concept and prototype electric vehicles are definitely easy on the eyes, but if you've been searching for something a touch more "real," fresh-out-of-bankruptcy Chrysler has one car that's not going back to the drawing board. Our compatriots over at Autoblog report that the all-electric Fiat 500 EV -- which saw a limited run of 100 in Europe and made a cameo at this year's Detroit Auto Show -- will actually be produced and sold in the US starting in 2012. Since the automaker's not talking specs, it's hard to say how it'll compare to a Volt or a Leaf, but history (peek the 'More Coverage' link down below) tells us the original electric Fiat 500 got up to 120 miles on a charge. We'd caution you not to get too worked up by that hot hatch action, though -- despite the fact that the Peapod made it briefly to market, this isn't the first time Chrysler's told us to expect a commercial vehicle we can charge. Here's hoping for better results this go 'round.