'The Vampire Diaries' and Microsoft team up, try to add 'Binged' to the lexicon

If you were watching last night's episode of The Vampire Diaries (believe us, we were not), you probably saw something a little... strange. Yes, with the opening credits still running, two women (sorry, we have never seen a frame of this show so we don't know who these broads are) sitting in front of a laptop converse about a runaway teen named Isabelle Peterson or something like that. Unsure of whether or not this suspicious Peterson character was using a fake name or not, the ladies needed... well, they needed a tool that would allow them to search the vast and beautiful world wide web of information. "But where'd she get Peterson? Classmate? Best friend?" the blond sitting at the terminal wonders. "So..." she says, turning to the computer, "... I Binged it." Wait, what? You Binged it? Hmm... we've never heard that one before, though we have to say in this case, it seems like Bing really came through for the ladies, nailing down the information they were looking for with ease. It's quite an extended piece of advertising, really. But seriously... Binged? Guess it'll have to do. Video is after the break.

[Thanks, Eva]