Kodak Slice touchscreen camera, Pulse WiFi frame, and PlaySport pocket camcorder now on sale... at JC Penney

We're not sure why Kodak is pushing its new Slice touchscreen camera out to JCPenney before any of the usual retail suspects, but there it is, looking radiant in "Radish" and marked up with a $100 premium over the usual $349 list price. If that doesn't make any sense to you, you can also grab the 14 megapixel shooter with the 3.5-inch display, 720p video capture, and built-in search for $349 from or Kodak. Kodak's also got the seven-inch Pulse WiFi digiframe that pulls photos from Facebook and the new PlaySport 1080p waterproof pocket camcorder up for sale now as well, at $129 and $149, respectively -- and yes, you can buy those from Penney's at a markup if you like, because the very fabric of our relationship to reality is unraveling in a heap on the floor of the Juniors department.