Scottevest debuts 'iPad compatible' clothing line, the world cringes (update: available now!)

If you're the kind of person who has no problem walking into the Apple Store on Walnut Street dressed in some urban approximation of safari gear, you'll probably go wild for Scottevest. The company sells travel vests and jackets that feature a million gadget-friendly pockets and little conduits for wires and such, meaning that even the geekiest among us can have a somewhat acceptable-looking PAN, if that's what you're into. And now its SeV Travel Vest is iPad compatible! Available July 1st for $100, please feel free to hit that source link to pre-order today. We will continue to look into the rumor that this is actually a re-badged Joojoo vest.

Update: The founder and CEO of Scottevest, Scott Jordan, just sent us a video message (embedded after the break) to set the record straight. Apparently, the vest is available now -- unless you're ordering it in XXXL (black or khaki). And we're glad that he seems to appreciate our sense of humor.