Engadget rides the Honda U3-X Personal Mobility Device! (video)

We just had a chance to go hands... er, rear-on with Honda's latest R&D experiment, the U3-X Personal Mobility Device, and we've got the say -- it was a moving experience. If you'll recall, the tiny, uni-wheeled unit is built on the same balancing principles which the company's ASIMO uses, and utilizes the world's first omni-directional driving wheel system. What does all that mean? Well, it means that when you sit down on the thing, it moves in whatever direction you lean in, however slightly. The experience is kind of amazing, as it requires very little effort on the rider, and though you feel like you could easily go flying off of the U3-X, you always retain a solid center of balance. As opposed to something like the company's Walking Assist devices (which you can see us taking for a spin right here), this is a totally effortless experience. It just goes where you want it to -- almost by suggestion. There's no telling if Honda will ever bring something like this to market -- they're notorious for crazy projects that never see the light of day on store shelves -- but it's an amazing look into the potential future of transportation. If you thought the Segway was a little big for your taste, this could be the answer to your prayers. As far as we're concerned, now that we've taken a ride on the U3-X, walking just feels like a chore. See for yourself what it looks and feels like in the video after the break!