Nexus One complaints mount, no firmware update in sight

We've had a Nexus One in daily use for a couple months now with relatively little drama, but Google's official support forums for the so-called superphone appear to be piling up a good head of steam on a handful of issues troubling owners. Perhaps the highest profile among them is the 3G signal strength issue -- a problem that predates the Nexus One's first and only firmware update -- but users are complaining about everything from unresponsive touchscreens, to failed text messages, to problems with the ambient light sensor, and there are enough "me too" responses in the support threads to warrant some serious attention. We know Google hasn't been sitting on its hands behind the scenes, so this is probably more of a timing issue than anything else -- could it be that they're waiting for Flash 10.1 before pushing the next release?

[Thanks, Ramon]