DIY coolness: a duct tape iPad sleeve and two clever docks

Ahhhh, the refreshing ingenuity of TUAW readers!

Frank Hsueh might have been out of quid after buying his iPad, or he perhaps he just likes the texture of duct tape. As Frank noted in an email to TUAW this morning, he made an iPad sleeve out of nothing but a bubble envelope, duct tape, double-sided tape, and an Apple sticker from an iPod shuffle.

Frank used up his roll of double-sided tape securing the inner bubble padding, so he used the tape core to make an iPad stand. As Frank said, it's "perfect for movie watching or notes typing (with wireless keyboard) in landscape mode."

Another TUAW reader, Wilson Lam, had an even more green solution for an iPad stand -- while he's waiting for a stand from Quirky, Wilson found that a cardboard cup holder from a fast-food restaurant could be turned into a utilitarian iPad stand.

Check out the gallery below for more photographic evidence of these fun DIY projects.