Sony Dash spotted on shelf at Best Buy a few days early

Now, what do you know about that? Our very own Chris Ziegler stopped into Best Buy (undoubtedly right after leaving CB2) and spotted something we didn't expect to see just yet... the Sony Dash. That's right, the Dash - which is available for pre-order but wasn't supposed to hit retail until April 29th -- is already on the shelf. Now, there was only one unit available and it was just squeezed in between some other wares, so we're not sure if it was put out by accident or what, but if you're really dying to get your hands on one a few days early, hitting up your local BB might turn up something. Let us know in the comments if you nab one!

Update: Chris reported back to us to say that when he tried to purchase it, it came up with a price of $999 and a code of "DO NOT SELL." He was also told to come back next Friday if he wanted to purchase it.