Joe Danger speeding towards late May/early June release

We're quite smitten with Hello Games' Joe Danger -- you only need read our latest hands-on impressions to glean as much -- so you can imagine we're anxious to take the final product for a few laps around the track. According to recent statements from Hello Games' co-founder Sean Murray (via Eurogamer), it may be available for download as soon as late May or early June.

Murray said that his team has their "fingers crossed" they'll be able to meet the proposed release window. "We're in 100 percent full-on crunch at the moment trying to put that layer of finishing touches on," he added. We can't imagine how bumpy that road to release is for developers, but we can certainly imagine doing some backflips on our dirtbike off those bumps. Does that make us selfish?

... maybe a little.