Bing app for WinMo 6.x phones adds turn-by-turn navigation

Turns out Google isn't the only one pushing further into the turn-by-turn market this week -- Microsoft came out swinging today with the announcement that full car navigation capability has been added to the latest version of its Bing app for Windows Mobile 6.x devices, too. It's got the usual array of route configuration options for avoiding traffic and tolls, alerts, direction lists, and voice prompts -- and Microsoft describes the audible directions as an "amazingly lifelike voice experience," so our expectations are set appropriately. Interestingly, the turn-by-turn capabilities of the new app aren't to Verizon subscribers for some ominous reason, but folks using a laundry list of devices on Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T can get all the capabilities by updating their already-installed Bing app or visiting Bing's site for the download.

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