Intel is down with tablets and razor thin netbooks, yo

With Microsoft's Courier canned, and HP's Slate suffering a debilitating identity crisis, what's a WinTel fan to do? Easy, wait for Computex set to kickoff on June 1st in Taipei. According to Intel's Mooly Eden, Vice President of PC Client Group and all around hip dude, that's when Intel will respond to ARM and its Apple iPad lovechild. Speaking at the Intel Investor Meeting on Tuesday, Mooly rapped:

"People ask me, are you serious about trying to participate in the tablet market? The answer is yes, we are going to have tablets... stay tuned for Computex. We are going to design silicon for this category and we are going to actively participate in this category."

Gauntlet, thrown. Mooly also took the opportunity to show off a razor thin netbook reference design that he expects to see on the market "sooner or later" sporting a hard working dual-core Pineview-class Atom CPU to support heavy-duty multi-tasking OSes -- the same chips that are apparently at the heart of Intel's tablet ambitions. See the incredibly thin netbook prototype after the break along with a few choice grabs of Mooly raising the roof.