Final Fantasy XIV world map in leaked issue of Famitsu

It's been a little while since we've heard anything new about Final Fantasy XIV, although all signs point to the game continuing to do well for itself in testing. But we might be due for another gush of information, considering that the most recent leaked issue of Famitsu contains a few bits that we've not seen before... including a nice map of the world of Eorzea. Unfortunately, the translation team over at FFXIVcore hasn't yet gone wild on the pages, but there's still plenty to be discovered, from what we can see.

Eorzea's map vaguely resembles a mirror image of Africa, with a large island off the coast. It doesn't appear to have an obvious focal point a la Final Fantasy XI's world with Jeuno at the continental intersection. There's also a groundswell of information on the guilds and people within the city of Limsa Lominsa, While there's not a bulk of new information on the game's mechanics, it's certainly a fair dose of lore that we haven't gotten before, and we can only hope it signals the start of another round of big news on Final Fantasy XIV.