LG Ally release pushed back a week for reasons unknown

You remember those Android 2.1-powered LG Allys that were supposed to go on sale with Big Red earlier this week? Yeah, well, they didn't, and Verizon's site is still showing them as pre-orders. We're not sure what's going on there, but pre-orders are being extended through the 26th with sales commencing on the 27th; folks that have already pre-ordered the phone are apparently getting emails explaining the situation and letting them know that they'll be "the first to receive the phone upon initial availability on or after May 27th." The "or after" part there seems to be giving them a loophole in case they need another delay -- so this could be a last-minute software issue, supply problems, some sort of wacky marketing stunt, or a stunning heist involving the theft of every Ally that has been imported to the United States thus far. Your guess?