Fox Mobile launches Bitbop beta, a Hulu for your phone

While Hulu might be missing out on the mobile space due to licensing issues, Fox Mobile-backed Bitbop is looking to step in and take the reins. The app, currently in beta and available only for select BlackBerry devices, has 25 content partners including Fox (of course), CBS, NBC, and Comedy Central. It's said to work over WiFi or even 3G data connections and is free so far, though a section in the FAQ intimates that Fox will also launch a premium plan with "unlimited, full-length, network TV shows with no commercial interruptions" for $10 a month, and mobile movie rentals are also apparently on the way. And never fear, Android and iPhone lovers -- mocoNews reports that apps for your smartphone of choice are coming, too. Let's hope Fox gets it working on Froyo, before Hulu kills that workaround.