Motorola i1 hitting Sprint on June 6, in stores on July 11?

Look, the i1 isn't that spectacular of an Android phone, we know -- but to the iDEN crowd, this represents just about the coolest thing that has ever happened to the network. This shot we've received today seems to indicate that the phone will be available by direct ship on June 6, just over a week from today, while it'll "launch into the rest of the sales channels" on July 11. We're not sure why there's such a gap there, but at least you should have some way to get it in just a few days' time. Interestingly, Sprint is pointing out that the phone "may appeal to customers that may not have previously thought of iDEN as an option," so expect the i1 to get marketed beyond the typical rugged, outdoorsy crowd that usually dominates Direct Connect. Everyone excited?