Reminder: Steve Jobs on stage at the D conference -- we'll be there!

That's right, readers: Apple's main man Steve Jobs is going to be on stage in just a few short hours at the 8th All Things Digital conference, also known as D8. You never know what's going to happen at D, and we do not have a full schedule of events yet, but our esteemed colleague Joshua Topolsky has touched down in beautiful Los Angeles, and he'll be liveblogging the Jobs interview right here. We hope Walt and Kara have an awesome list of questions (they usually do) -- and remember -- we'll be on hand for plenty of other events too, including an interview with Microsoft mad man Steve Ballmer. Tune in, right here. We'll see you on the other side!

Things kick off around 6PM PT (or 9:00PM ET), so check out our liveblog landing page right here for the main event.