Adobe's Flash and Acrobat have 'critical' vulnerability, may allow remote hijacking

When Adobe said Flash gives you the full web experience, it meant it. Part and parcel of the web, as we all know, is the good old hacking community, which has been "actively exploiting" a vulnerability in Flash Player (and earlier versions) and Adobe Acrobat and Reader 9.x to overtake people's machines and do hacky stuff with them. This so-called flaw also causes crashes, but that's probably not what's worrying you right now. Adobe says the 10.1 Release Candidate for Flash Player looks to be unaffected, while versions 8.x of Acrobat and Reader are confirmed safe. To remedy the trouble, the company advises moving to the RC for Flash, and deleting authplay.dll to keep your Acrobat from performing undesirable gymnastics. Oh boy, Steve's gonna have a field day with this one.