Nintendo's Satoru Iwata: no 'immediate need to replace the Wii'

Darren Murph
D. Murph|06.17.10

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Nintendo's Satoru Iwata: no 'immediate need to replace the Wii'
Sheesh... will you folks ever learn? There will never, ever be a Wii replacement. It's the console that keeps on giving, and also the one that'll never perish. It's the end-all answer to the world's gaming needs, and even though greater than 50 percent of the US has an HDTV, Nintendo won't ever have to support that unwanted "1080i" format. All sarcasm, angst and bitterness aside, Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata recently affirmed that there's no Wii successor on the near-term roadmap. Specifically, he stated that he "doesn't think that there is an immediate need to replace the Wii console; but of course, at some point in the future, the need will arise." To cap things off, he added: "We currently do not have an answer as to what point in the future that need will come." As much as we'd love to point out just how far behind the game Nintendo is in terms of graphics, we can't argue with the sales figures, and until the collective consumer wallet deems true HD support a necessity, we suppose the Wii can just keep on keepin' on. Much to our chagrin.
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