First iPhone 4 units being delivered

Darren Murph
D. Murph|06.22.10

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First iPhone 4 units being delivered
Aw, suki suki now! Looks like we've got our first iPhone 4 delivery here in the US, a full 24 hours before the first batch is supposed to land. The best news isn't that throngs of pre-orderers are seeing their units "out for delivery" today, but that this Mac Rumors user was able to activate his unit already in seamless fashion. 'Course, we highly doubt it'll be so easy for everyone else crashing the servers tomorrow and Thursday, but there it is. So, anyone else seeing their iPhone 4 marked as "out for delivery?" Or better still, "in hand?" Give us a shout in comments below.

[Thanks, Anonymous]

Update: We've moved the FedEx image past the break, as one lucky Mac Rumors member already has his in hand. And so it begins. [Thanks, Adam]

Update 2: A reader has sent us over the above picture of his own brand new iPhone 4, which has only just arrived. [Thanks, Mark!]

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