Famitsu reveals new selection of Final Fantasy XIV wildlife

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|06.25.10

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Famitsu reveals new selection of Final Fantasy XIV wildlife
We learned quite a bit about the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV during E3, but there's still quite a bit left still to learn before its release later this year. One of the more obvious questions is what, exactly, players will be squaring off against on the field of battle; in a series partly defined by its memorable recurring adversaries, it's reasonable to wonder what will return and what won't. A newly translated piece from Famitsu helps answer that question, with an octet of new creatures as well as a few bits of information about changes in the next phase of testing.

Most of the newly revealed monsters have a storied history in the series as a whole, and several are direct exports from Final Fantasy XI, including the deceptively fearsome Goobbue making a triumphant return. Funguar also return, although looking very different from Vana'diel's odd mushroom-frog hybrids. Each of the monsters has a brief write-up describing its size, behavior, and habitat, so Final Fantasy XIV fans would be well served by taking a look at what they're going to have to deal with during their journeys.
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