Caption contest: Bing bus goes searching for search results

Bus. Ice cream truck. Personal space invader. Vessel of illicit speaker transport. It's all semantics, anyway.

Darren: "Man, this smoke is great, but damn if I'm not suddenly craving an orange Push Up."
Joe: "Unlike the Street View car, the Bing truck is equally at home on the street or at a rave."
Chris: "In the event the authorities get too close for comfort, Bing is prepared to take its entire operation mobile for weeks at a time, stopping only to refuel."
Don: "At last, the real decision engine is revealed."
Richard Lawler: "Ok, so the plot is, we pick up "models" off the street... and find low cost plane tickets, product reviews or a nice restaurant for them. That's it."
Ross: "Creative Picture Framing" indeed, Microsoft. Creative picture framing, indeed.
Joanna: "Didn't we just do a sketchy tech van caption contest!?"
Richard Lai: "For the last time: we don't sell froyo here."
Tim: "Creative Picture Framing was a front for GHOST: Google Hating Operatives with better Search Technology. Jeeves had already arrived in his blacked out Benz, but the Altavista boys were nowhere to be found."
Myriam: "Oh, I see! It's an art car for Burning Man... Right."

[Thanks, Hosain]