Pixel Qi netbook display replacement kit finally on sale

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You've waited and waited and, let's face it, waited for this day to arrrive. Now Pixel Qi's 10.1-inch display is available for DIY types looking to swap out their LCD for a dual-mode reflective Qi display capable of slipping into a power-sipping e-paper mode that's visible even in direct sunlight. It's only certified to work with Samsung N130 and Lenovo S10-2 machines but we're sure you'll figure out how to slide this pup into the Acer or ASUS netbook of your dreams. On sale now at MakerShed for $275, the swap reportedly takes about 5 minutes using only a screwdriver. So get out of here -- stop waiting for the majors to introduce a Pixel Qi netbook, it's time to build your own and put those claims of a 20+ hour laptop to the test.

[Thanks, Philpax]
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