Maxis' Spore-based action-RPG to be announced at Comic Con

The schedule for San Diego Comic Con 2010 was updated earlier today, adding a few game-centric panels focusing on titles like Guild Wars 2, Red Faction Armageddon, Epic Mickey and more to Saturday's proceedings. However, one panel in particular caught our eye: "Video Game Reveal: Maxis Studio." According to the event's details, the panel will see a handful of members from the Maxis dev team unveil "a brand new, Sci-Fi Action-RPG based on the DNA of Spore."

This sounds like it could be the Spore title referenced in EA's Q3 2010 investor's briefing, the name for which may have surfaced in the company's recent trademark of "Darkspore." We might just learn what happens when good Spores go bad when the panel unfolds Saturday, July 24.