Early DirecTV 3D reviews take the good with plenty of the bad

Now that n3D is live on DirecTV, there's an opportunity to see whether or not the 3D revolution is actually ready for takeoff. Judging by early impressions from CNET's David Katzmeier and HDGuru Gary Merson, like the early days of HD and Blu-ray before it, quality 3D experiences are unfortunately mixed in with mediocre to awful ones. CNET had mixed impressions of the Guitar Sessions segments featured on n3D, while the effect seemed forced at times, though enjoyable at others. Unfortunately both reviewers cited African Adventure: Safari in the Okavango for its terrible presentation, with Merson going so far as to request it be taken off the air until the 3D issues are corrected. It wasn't all bad, as he gave Encounter in the Third Dimension and S.O.S. Planet much higher ratings, along with an overall favorable impression of this past weekend's Mariners/Yankees broadcast despite a few camera tracking issues. If you have a 3DTV experience of your own let us know in the comments, or check out these reviews to know what to watch (or avoid) until there's a bit more to choose from.