Open Source Hardware community finally gets its Constitution

They, the people of the open source hardware movement, in order to form a more peaceful community for sharing, establish bigger and cuddlier Chumbies, ensure continued Arduino creativity, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of hackery to ourselves and our posterity, have established the Open Source Hardware Draft. It's a sort of 11 commandments for those who would share or use an open source hardware design, indicating what documentation is required, how derived works must be allowed and, perhaps most importantly, that each use must include attribution to those founding engineers who came before. Its current version, 0.3, was ratified yesterday by a group of dignitaries including folks behind the Arduino, Adafruit, and Chumby, along with plenty of other underground industry big-wigs. Now that this bit of official business is out of the way, hopefully they can all get back to crafting homemade coilguns.