PlayOn's web app brings Hulu and Netflix to iPod touch, iPhone

Tired of waiting around for Apple's "review process" to complete? So was PlayOn. Rather than sticking it out and dealing with the App Store's near-limitless amount of red tape, the content streaming startup has kicked out an HTML5 web app that enables Hulu (for now, at least) and Netflix streaming to iPod touch and iPhone devices. It's still hard at work perfecting things for the iPad, but given that it's completely free to surf over to its mobile web site (linked below), it's tough to complain with what we're being given right now. Early testers have praised the app's speed, and while you'll still need a Windows PC (yeah, PlayOn still doesn't have a Mac client) and a PlayOn subscription before indulging on your mobile, at least you've got an option that you once didn't. So, anyone digging the new avenue?

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