The Xbox 360's latest shmup: Radio Allergy Noir Massive

The Xbox 360 has turned into a lively destination for scrolling shooters, thanks mostly to the efforts of Cave. An Amazon Japan listing found by Siliconera suggests that Milestone is going to join the shmup party, with a port of Radilgy: Noir, released on the Wii in Japan this year. The Xbox version, according to the listing and the associated image, will be called Radilgy Noir: Massive.

Noir is itself based on the cel-shaded shmup Radilgy, which actually made it onto the Wii in North America (called Radio Allergy) as part of UFO Interactive's Ultimate Shooting Collection, after a long-delayed GameCube version was finally cancelled. Which means that UFO (who cancelled another localized Milestone shooter this year!) might have to think really hard before it decides to pick this one up.