Precious, the 'bike with a brain,' rides itself across the country -- with a little help from friends (video)

We hear so much complaining on a day-to-day basis that frankly we're not sure how we feel about a bicycle that has been taught to bemoan the weight of its rider or, indeed, the sweatiness of their palms. That's what we have with Precious, a Specialized cruiser given an array of sensors and circuitry, able to tell things like distance covered, temperature, and, yes, the perspiration of the sorry sucker astride the thing. All of this is reported on the Precious Twitter feed in... creative English that we're pretty sure has been enhanced a bit by human hands. It's a creation of Breakfast, who earlier made the iPad dirigible, and as it goes coast-to-coast is working to raise money for Livestrong. Precious is currently in Berea, KY, 832 miles into its journey and has raised $2713 toward its goal. You may not have a chance to ride Precious, but you can at least help to boost that dollar figure at the source link.