3D Sony Vaio landing next year, we preview the prototype

See this computer here? Yeah, well Sony's going to launch a laptop next year that will most likely look nothing like this. Intrigued? We thought you would be. Sony announced today that it will be launching at least one laptop next year (probably a mini-series of 'em) with a 3D-capable 240Hz LCD. The laptop will be using a built-in IR blaster to sync with your regular Bravia shutter glasses, but it's unclear whether the price of a laptop will get you a free pair of the precious specs. The prototype we got to look at here has a 16-inch 16:9 display, housed in a current F series chassis, but all that is of course subject to change when the final model lands. We do have to say, in comparison to some of the other 3D laptops we've seen, Sony's tech comes off looking pretty good, but there's nothing here to convince us this is anything beyond a niche luxury for now -- although an ability to use this screen as a 3D display for our PS3 might help us change our mind (we asked, the answer is no). Expect to hear more about this mysterious beast at next year's CES. %Gallery-100924%