RED shows off some EPIC HDRx test footage

That's EPIC, mind you, not necessarily epic. Sure, Red's experiment in HDR video looks like it'll be a help to filmmakers that want the power / flexibility of RAW in post and some tools to war against motion blur, but so far they aren't showing any of that ultra-surreal HDR stuff we known so well from Flickr. What's that you say? You don't want all your videos to look like they're populated by radioactive creatures on a planet with a dying sun? You disappoint us, person. Go to your room. EPIC can shoot up to 18 stops of dynamic range in motion, with an "HDR" mode for in camera processing and an "HDRx" mode (seen here) for manipulation in post. Hit up the source link for the full res download and in-depth discussion about the tech, or hit below the fold for an embedded copy of the vid.

[Thanks, Andrew F.]