ExoPC delayed a few weeks, apologizes with free stylus and stand

Updated ·1 min read

Last time we heard from ExoPC on the availability front it had opened pre-orders to its forum members and set a ship date of October 15. It breaks our heart to relay this, but as we predicted could be the case, the company is now reporting some delays. According to founder Jean-Baptiste Martinoli, many of the PVT samples had serious touchscreen issues, and as a result it'll only be shipping one hundred 32GB units come that October date. The plan is to then ship 400 of the 32GB and 64GB units by the first week in November, and then completely catch up by mid-November. It's a bold promise, but he's assured us that there's now a new manufacturer that's able to provide the same configuration options in a more timely and issue-free fashion. If you happen to have ordered one you've probably already reached for the tissues, but at least you'll be getting a free stylus and three-legged stand to ease the pain when your 11.6-inch, Atom-powered tablet shows up. However, despite the delays, ExoPC still seems to be trucking along quite nicely on the partnership end -- a company in Portugal will be bringing to market an ExoPC powered Mobi-1 and others are in the works. We'll be keeping you updated on anything else we hear, whenever we find the time -- we can't promise we won't be spending our waking hours checking the mailbox, hoping for our review unit to arrive.