Vindictus gives characters a moment around the campfire

The focus that Nexon has pushed with Vindictus has been one of non-stop, no-holds-barred action. While that's not a bad thing in any sense, it does lead one to wonder if there will be anything but the non-stop slaughter to deal with. As it turns out, there will be a feature in the game not just allowing players a brief rest, but actually encouraging one -- the campfire. Long known as a place where adventurers can congregate and rest, campfires can be built mid-dungeon and provide not just a chance to stop and chat, but also offer vital services.

Obtained from an NPC early in the game, campfire kits and books allow players to put a campfire together, giving them small buffs that increase the longer they sit by the fire. The fire improves attack, defense, and health regeneration, with greater bonuses coming the longer you enjoy its warming presence. It also offers a more subtle benefit to players by allowing the repair of any damaged items. Although you can only assemble one per dungeon and gain no protection while sitting at the fire, it seems that Vindictus has built in a mechanic to encourage the party to sit down and chat for a minute or two before resuming the charnel-house slaughter.