Sony's Google TV controller outed on ABC's Nightline (video)

Ross Miller
R. Miller|10.06.10

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Sony's Google TV controller outed on ABC's Nightline (video)
Well, this is a bit unexpected. We just happened to catch ABC Nightline's Google TV special, and lo and behold, there's a sneak preview of Sony's Google TV ad blitz... and with it, a never-before-seen controller. Two circular directional pads, a QWERTY keyboard, volume, channel selection, some play / pause buttons... everything you'd need to rock the web and video all at once. That's about all we can say at this point, but man does October 12th look even more painfully far away. Screencaps below, video after the break -- and if you look closely, there's another shot at the Revue keyboard, too. %Gallery-104330%

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