Scosche Sneakpeek II adds component / composite video cables to your iPhone, iPod and iPad

For whatever reason, Apple hasn't made the process of getting video out of our iDevice a lesson in simplicity. We've already heard legions of iPad owners kvetching over the lackluster abilities of Cupertino's iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter, but Scosche is hoping to provide a pinch of relief with its latest accessory. The Sneakpeek II is described as a switchable video output solution for any iPad, iPhone and iPod that plays video, and the unquestionable best part is the plug-and-play nature. Simply plug one end into a 30-pin Dock Connector and the other end (composite and component cables are included) into a television, monitor or cyborg human with an LCD instead of a face; heck, there's even a microUSB cable to charge the device while it's pumping out the visuals. If this looks like just the solution to a problem that's been wrecking your social life, hit the source link to order yours for $59.99. %Gallery-104653%