Epic Games, Id Software show off jaw-dropping new iPhone games

We've already seen Epic Games and Id Software show off their respective game engines for iOS devices, but they're only now finally giving folks a look at the first actual games that will use them. The first of those to roll out will apparently be Id's Mutant Bash TV, which looks as impressive as the Rage demo promised (although that's aided in part by being on rails), and will cost just $0.99 for the standard version or $1.99 for the Retina Display-enhanced version. Seemingly even more impressive than it, however, is Epic Games' Infinity Blade, the game counterpart to the Unreal Engine 3-based "Epic Citadel" demo that was released back in September. While it may look like yet another God of War clone, it sounds like Epic has something quite a bit different in mind -- the game's creative director (of Shadow Complex fame, incidentally) recently described it as a mix of Karateka, Dragon's Lair and Punch-Out. Head on past the break to check out the trailer, and hit up the link below for Touch Arcade's preview of Mutant Bash TV (no video for it just yet, unfortunately).