Stun Fone iPhone accessory: YouTube spoof or real product?

Thanks to TUAW reader Adam, I was pointed in the direction of YouTube a few minutes ago to watch a video of a purported stun gun accessory for iPhone 3 / 3GS / 4. While I'm 99.9 percent certain that this is a spoof, the other .1 percent is wishing that the US$24.99 Stun Fone was actually available for sale. It would be so handy for those situations where someone cuts in a line ahead of me...

A little research on Amazon showed that stun guns are readily available at about this price, so setting one up to be triggered by a press of the volume buttons on an iPhone isn't exactly out of the realm of reality. It would probably also require something other than the iPhone's battery to charge it up.

To Jeff and his roommate, the "inventors" -- if this sucker is for real, we here at TUAW will be happy to put a review unit through its paces. Just let us know.

Video (slightly NSFW) is on the next page.