Quake Live 'Premium Pak 4' update adds new maps, new server settings

Browser-based frag-em-up Quake Live keeps chugging along, as id's gone and announced the addition of some new premium content. Through "Premium Pak 4," players can access two new maps (Evolution and Three Story), along with 20 new premium awards and some advanced server mechanics, allowing players to customize matches by setting certain modifiers on or off -- runes, gravity, weapon switch speed and more. Finally, the introductory match against Crash has been removed for new players, who will instead be "placed in an assessment period before skill matching begins to take place." We're sure Crash is most happy about that new feature.

If you're lost on all of this talk of "premium," then you likely missed out on the new subscriptions. Read up on that here and be sure to hit the link below if you're looking for the full patch notes. Or just hit up Quake Live if you're looking to shoot some stuff. Don't be embarrassed: we all feel that way every now and again.