Weird Nokia 'N00 Prototype C' shows up on eBay, possible N86 8MP successor?

With the N8 and the E7 stealing most of Nokia's Symbian-flavored spotlight right now, it's easy to forget that numeric keypads and sliders aren't necessarily dead and gone -- but a strange prototype that's shown up on eBay's German site suggests that Espoo might still be hard at work on the form factor currently championed by the N86 8MP. This device is labeled as the N00 Prototype C; "N00" is a really common designation for Nokia prototypes in the Nseries, so that comes as no surprise, but the "Prototype C" is an especially odd thing to silkscreen onto the case. Notably, the phone appears to feature a 12 megapixel camera sensor with Carl Zeiss optics and a xenon flash, likely giving it most or all of the N8's photography chops, and a strange element below the display might be a touch-sensitive strip of some sort -- possibly for zoom control or manual focus while snapping pictures and videos. There's also a kickstand on back, suggesting the screen's big enough to make people want to set it up on a desk and watch content. There's a very real chance, of course, that this thing has been wiped off Nokia's roadmap; worse yet, it could be a hoax -- but if you're willing to drop $800 on the auction, you can find out.